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Useful links

Here a list of links to different web resources on various subjects.

Hacking/Social engineering

  • Bishopfox: A nice collection of tools for web crawling
  • Bot or Not: Study a Twitter user profile to identify the probability of being a bot
  • Pipl: Find information on a person from a name, email, phone number …
  • Tweets Analyzer: A command line tool for tweet analysis ( geolocation, time, hashtags …)
  • Pakala: Tool to spot vulnerabilities inside of Ethereum smart contracts
  • 2FA: List supported 2FA for main Internet websites
  • Jenkins-Pillage: A tool to automatize data collection in a vulnerable Jenkins instance

Privacy/Anonymity/Decentralized services

  • Darkwire: An anonymous web chat service
  • Cloudfare ipfs: Domain for Cloudflare IPFS implementation
  • Dnsleaktest: check if your VPN is leaking your IP address
  • Ipleak: Alternative website to Dnsleaktest
  • Witch: check client info, useful to see if you’re OpenVPN software is well implemented (detectable, change default port)
  • Tor bridge: Get a tor bridge if Tor is blocked in your country, odds are this website is blocked too in that case
  • Blocklists: the Best collection of blocklists for a DNS filtering service (Pi-hole, your router, ublock…)
  • Vueville: Nice resources on how to set up a camera surveillance system

Tor .onion websites


  • Opensnitch: A user-friendly GUI system firewall for Linux
  • Rkhunter: An excellent tool to track potential rootkit on a Unix like system
  • Windows update troubleshooter: A helpful tool made by Microsoft to help to troubleshoot their shitty OS updates. If not already done, I recommend you to turn off automatic windows update in the registry and only take the business versions which are tested and more stable.
  • Blackbird: best tool to disable Windows 10 tracking services and useless features (Xbox, Music, Weather, News …)


  • Chaoskube: Tool to kill random pods in a Kubernetes cluster (Chaos engineering)
  • Dive: A tool to “dive” inside of docker images
  • AWS roadmap: Roadmap of forecasted features about containers on AWS
  • Lazydocker: A terminal UI to make the docker-compose experience close to the K8S console


  • Lowendbox: Temporary announces for cheap VPS
  • GCP calculator: A billing calculator for resources on Google Cloud Platform
  • Asecurecloud: the best collection of resources on AWS security, including a tool to craft automatically corresponding Cloudformation templates
  • AWS status: Get in real time the availability of different AWS regions, zones, and services
  • ec2instance: Nice table containing the pricing and specifications of any ec2 instances across regions
  • AWS Data Transfer Cost: Figure summarizing the cost of any data transfer across AWS Cloud
  • IAM Cloudonaut: The best guide I’ve found to AWS services API, a MUST before writing any IAM policy
  • AWS service support: AWS security coverage per service
  • AWS CLI builder: The purpose of this website is all in the name
  • LastWeekInAWS: Best AWS mailing list to stay up to date
  • Serverless Benchmark: A performance benchmark of the serverless functions of several Cloud Providers
  • Cloud Comparison Tool: A tool to help to compare the features and solutions of different Cloud Providers
  • AWSGeek: Probably the best set of AWS explaining diagrams available online
  • AWS Breaking Changes: Someone kind enough to track all the breaking AWS service changes that have been carefully hidden in obscure forums by the AWS staff 👹

(Web) Development

  • realfavicongenerator: Best website to generate favicons adapted to all platform types
  • Css Peeper: Nice web plugin simplifying the identification of CSS style on a site, useful if like me you’re not particularly blessed in web designing
  • 12factors: A MUST read in the field of applicative development
  • Choose a license: Useful resource made by Github to help you to choose the right license for your open source project
  • Cloudworker: A tool to run Cloudflare Worker scripts locally


  • Whattomine: Best site to calculate your mining profitability and options
  • Coinwarz: Equivalent to Whattomine but more ASIC oriented
  • Nicehash calculator: Calculate profitability when using Nicehash mining software
  • Monerobenchmark: Benchmark of mining equipments for Monero
  • crypto51: risk of a PoW cryptocurrency being 51% attacked
  • Howmanyconfs: similar, give you the safety of a PoW blockchain compare to BTC (Based on Nicehash prices per s and time between confirmation)


  • Localmonero: Equivalent to localbitcoin but for Monero which is a private coin
  • Moneroworld: Real-time information on the Monero ecosystem
  • xmr.to: Service to pay someone in Bitcoin but using Monero
  • Ethresearch: Research subjects in the Ethereum community
  • Ethgasstation: Tool to optimize gas price while doing an Ethereum transaction
  • Bitcoinfees: Recommended Bitcoin transaction fees
  • Txaccelerator: A tool to accelerate a Bitcoin transaction validation
  • 1ml: Tool to analyze Bitcoin lightning network
  • Mtgox: Monitor the activity of Bitcoin accounts associated with the hack of Mtgox in 2014 ( 850k Bitcoins stolen )
  • Openmarketcap: An alternative to Coinmarketcap with less fake volumes, perfect for a market check up before selling your mined coins


  • Cookingbudget: A fun website funded by the European Union which will teach you on how being corrupted when working in public administration. The target is mostly awareness about those practices so that journalists and citizens can identify and reveal them, of course not to reproduce.
  • Nasa-software: A list of softwares made public by the NASA
  • Xsv: A tool to easily manipulate CSV files
  • MSPaintIDE: Tool to make of MSPaint your favorite IDE 😄