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Who am I?

First of all, welcome on my blog!

I’m Aristide, an Cybersecurity Professional currently building the security roadmap for Catawiki’s Auction Platform. Catawiki is a bit like eBay, but of much better taste and explicitely designed to satisfy the needs of passionate collectors of all kind.

Officially, my job is to allow IT applications to run as smoothly and securely as possible by reviewing the underlayer process and technologies. It goes from risk analysis to decision making and project management as well as the training and sensibilization of company staff to security best practices.

Which really means that I need to keep a good knowledge of available products and solutions on the market to guarantee they can be integrated together efficiently. Basically, It’s all about being curious and experimental, there are so many technologies and process that can be leveraged to create new services, way of thinking and business prospectives.

What is this blog about?

According to where my inspiration will drive me, I cannot guarantee what will be the exact content of this blog; it can go very technical on a new technology I’m playing with ( for instance a new software or Cloud Service ). Maybe some helpful tips on leading a product or cybersecurity roadmap, my opinion on a hot actuality topic or some insights on how to drive a Business or get an Organization moving forward. Perhaps I’ll also consider sharing some of my more personnal passions such as traveling and collecting artworks.

If you’re curious to discover what value I have to bring you, you can already subscribe to my RSS feed and follow me on Twitter, or even Instagram for less professional content πŸ˜„ 🎨. Don’t hesitate to let comments and feedback on publications you like or don’t like or send me an email for particular suggestions.

Can we chat securely?

Sure, you can use PGP:

gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-key 4df61124418a0d33

You saved my day bro

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- Aristide